How can I replicate sometihng like Arsenal's server location descriptor?

Hey! First post here on the DevForum, and just wanted to ask for some help!

That’s a screenshot taken from Arsenal - I know how to get FPS and version ID, but I’m not sure how to get the server location? I’ve seen something about client location, but I don’t think that’d help.

I just want to also point out something: I know that there are servers in England, and I just want to point that out to the user. I’m also not sure if those servers are possibly related to Arsenal’s own servers? I’m not sure.

Tl;DR I need to get the server location, for example, “England (United Kingdom)”

Thank you!

A solution would be to use http requests as shown below:

And to get the region:

Hi! Thanks for the quick response. I don’t think that’d give a response like “England (United Kingdom)”? Unless there is a way to transform it.

The FPS can be retrieved using a local script

While ping needs to be retrieved in the server-side like this:

    print(plr:GetNetworkPing()) -- printed as 5 for me

Note: The network ping will be in ms, like 5 ms ping

To get the server location, you need to make https request to a third party application
You can check my tutorial here:

Hey! I knew how to get ping already - but thanks! I was just wondering, does this tutorial go over the way to convert to the format Arsenal uses? IE “England (United Kingdom)” - I haven’t got time to check it out right now but I will afterwords.


Read the tutorial carefully

Also to get that format, you can do:

local city = table["City"]
local country = table["Country"]

local formatted = city.."("")"
print(formatted) -- England ( United Kingdom )

I think you can get the countries from this website.

That’s the player, not the server! Still useful though!

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This function will return the country code, not the country name or city