How can I resize these windows again correctly in Studio? (Solved)


I’m having a problem that it’s like the window does not stay the normal size

Exemples: and

Normally it was not meant to be like this.

I already tried to re-install and also several other things, and I could not fix

I tried to put it to the other side but it looks like this too this problem happens:

Does anyone have any ideas?


I’m not sure what’s the issue. All I can see are your fast mouse movements, but I don’t think that’s related to the issue you’re having. Can you try to elaborate on how you expected it to work/look like?

Edit: Do you mean that you can’t resize the widgets to be any thinner?
To me it looks like a bug with Roblox Studio, but I’m not sure.
Can you try uninstalling Studio completely and then installing again? Simple reinstall may not always work.


had to stay this way image


do you know where the roblox studio folder is located? maybe


I don’t remember the exact path, but it’s in your AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions I think.
You should be able to get to it through Start and searching %appdata%.


Ok, David told me to answer since his english isn’t very good, so…

Basically he wanted the studio explorer to be thinner, that works when you remove the properties tab, but when you put the properties tab and the explore together, they get extremely big, and you can’t make them thinner, explorer itself in another place works as expected.

EDIT: forgot to mention that when properties tab is in window mode it can be about any size.


Found a similar thread:


Thank you, it worked! :laughing:


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