How can I script an ID?

Hello! I logged into my settings and saw this:

I pressed it and found out that my hunter’s license doesn’t have a picture on it, so I tried using my school ID. It then asked me to scan a BARCODE that none of my IDs had. So, what should I do to get Roblox Voice Chat. I want Voice Chat so I can do a voice reveal to my fans. Is scripting an ID possible to get Roblox voice chat?

Thanks in advance! WE

They need a Goverment ID, Not a Hunter License. Only Verified Age can access the Spatial Voice.

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I don’t have a government ID, which is why I am asking if I can script one.

You can’t a Script a Goverment ID and If you make a Goverment ID but fake ID you will Possibly get Jail or Sentences a 1 year Prison depends of the Goverment of the Country.