How can I sell Basic Admin Moderator as a gamepass?

Hi, I’ve got a Roblox group and I’d like to sell a moderator commands gamepass, but I want to stay with using Basic Admin. I’ve seen many different groups sell mod commands with Basic Admin.

Does anyone know how this is done and if so, can you help me figure it out?

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I would personally not sell admin privelages to just anybody. This could result in heavy amounts of abuse and what not which will make the game less enjoyable. Instead I would recommend finding a couple friends you trust and giving them admin privelages. If this is not an option and nobody wants the admin commands I guess you could sell it. You would make a gamepass and if the player owns it then you can give them the commands or add them to the admin list. Here is a link to read about how gamepasses work:
Then you could figure out how to set up admin commands there are different tutorials and different ways to create your admin commands so that part is entirely up to you. Hopefully this helped a little bit.


There’s not going to be much luck for you getting help here if you ask about specific systems that aren’t widely known by everyone (can’t assume everyone knows what “Basic Admin” is).

I’m sure that you could ask the developer or someone familiar with this system for help, or read the documentation in the script. Most admin scripts have some kind of notes to help you along, so you should try finding that out for yourself first.


Edit the admin source, if player owns the gamepass insert their userid into the moderators rank table.

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I have worked with the MainModule of Basic Admin for a while, and I’ve looked into it and seen it is possible to add a gamepass, in some way shape or form, though it requires you to partily redo some of the coding that lists admins.

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