How can I "separate" or "unlock" a part in an animation?

Hey! I’m trying to animate tool (actually its handle, an union) with Moon Animator. The issue here is that I want it to be thrown to the air (I already made some dectent gravity animations using easing styles), perform other part of the animation and then, when this tool falls, be caught. The issue here is that, since it is welded to right hand (with RightGrip) it will always follow right hand direction even in mid air. There is any way to temporarily “disconnect” this tool from right hand?

I tried temporarily disabling RightGrip but then the animation isn’t played on the tool (and it stays freezed until I enable RightGrip).

Video here (first animation is the full one, there you can see what happens; next, you can see how the tool is supposed to be animated):

Thank you for reading!

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press the Handle button below the Righthand button.

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The yellow one? It will only disable any keyframes applied to Handle.

Thank you for replying!

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