How can I size these UI's correctly for mobile?

Hi, I am having an issue where some of the GUI objects do not get sized correctly when viewed on mobile. I usually fix this by using a plugin named “AutoScale Lite” and use its Unit Conversion > Scale function, but this has seemed to not work when it’s used on a Scrolling Frame. Is there something I am doing wrong or is there another way to size the buttons inside the scrolling frame? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

(Buttons when viewed on mobile. Too big for the frame and get cut out)

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I don’t use that plugin so i don’t know how it works but i guess an error cause it to much a giant number on scale make sure the scale never goes over 1 in either axis or it will go out of the parent UI

Take out all of the children from the ScrollingFrame into a ScreenGUI and then use the Unit Conversion > Scale function. Once done put it back in the ScrollingFrame and resize it to make it fit in the ScrollingFrame and then use Unit Conversion > Scale function on the children again.


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