How Can I Spice This House?

please disregard this! thank you.


Make the whole building A LOT more detailed, the bushes don’t look that great being only one color and in general, it doesn’t look that nice. Basically just 8 circles that are green, maybe add more detail on that and fill in the gaps? The building you can add a lot more detail on that too, perhaps make the windows a lot more shiny and not as bland. Try not to have parts inside of each other, it glitches that way. Make the walls of the bush area actually even and on the same level? The doors of the building looks for some reason awfully thin.

In general, make the building a lot more detailed.

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Alright! Thank you for your advice, I’ll do that.

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The build overall looks fine to me, it could use some Lighting effects to enhance the ambience.

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However, since your house is more of a blocky approach, maybe add some detail such as looking at reference images to help you with getting the design and layout right. Also the material and color don’t fit the colour scheme of the house. Maybe make it grey at first and then add the white color to it. Also try adding details on the outside such as plant pots and a small pathway leading to the door usually in the real world modern houses don’t have too doors I would consider sticking with one.

I feel like if you want to actually make it look more detailed, add proper windows, make outlines to each wall, roof, door and window, add the lights to the top of the ceiling and around the house itself and then you could, add the land features like the different plants, bushes, grass and trees, and the stairs, pathway, and rails.

I would try spacing the exterior details as it looks rather close to the house I’ll leave a link below to see how the real design looks in the real world.

Thank you for the link and all the advice! I will make sure to do those things.

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Little details are important, like has already been suggested. Think about how the building would be in real life.
Critiques: Items like the path sticking up would be sure to trip you if you walked on it and the one in front of the left door seems to have a post sticking through it. The garage door(?) on the right had the fence base in front of it. Unless there are openings in the front fence on either side trying to drive a car around those sharp corners in the driveway is going to cause a few dents. The bushes seem off center to the right. Can’t tell if it’s just the picture, but the windows between the doors seem to have different size window frames and the spacing to the doors doesn’t match.
Otherwise it looks pretty nice for your second build.
I always create a Robloxian that I move around my builds to make sure the scale of everything is correct. This helps for door sizes, table and counter heights, room sizes and floor planning. I also find that interior details shouldn’t always be exactly placed and 90 degrees to each other. Look around your house, is everything perfectly placed? Most of the time some randomness is more realistic.


I didn’t notice most of those things, thank you! I will adjust them.

Give us a link and we can visit to have a closer look.

I would add a few wall textures to some of those walls, so that It’ll look more lively and spicy. The windows I feel are not going with the build. Especially that wood texture you have for the top walls. So add a few good textures to it and it’ll look spicy, and as for the Grass you have there, Sphere’s are not really the best, but I’ll suggest using realistic grass.

Okay! What texture do you recommend, brick?

Sure, let me make one. Fair warning, I only did the outside so there’s nothing on the inside–not even a layout. I just wanted some exterior practice.

Maybe add a car to the driveway. Other than that. I think it looks great!

Lol your second build looks better than all the builds I have done.

LOL, thanks. And, good idea, I’ll make sure to add one!

Also whenever you are building and copying items you should move the camera around to catch items like the right driveway and posts ‘flickering’. This is caused by 2 parts being at the same level and the Roblox rendering engine trying to draw both at the same time. If you copy parts and move them like the fence you should not keep the fence post on one end after you move it since it will cause this flickering issue.
The front 2 fence sections look like they were rotated about 88 degrees instead of 90 degrees so that’s why the curb is showing through the side of the fences.
Also you’d never get a car around the corners in that driveway, just to be a harsh critic! lol

Oh true! I’ll probably shorten the fence/remove the fence in the front.

I feel like you should add something outside of the fence. Pathways, trees, bushes, foliage can work well.