How can I start on a Application Service through Discord Webhooks?

Hi fellow Developers.
I’m trying to make my own application through Discord Webhooks that can be sent through a Roblox Game. But, I’ve encountered I issue.

How and where I do start? Do I start with the UI? The scripting? What?

If you have any tips or if you wanna help me with answering the questions, feel free to reply to this thread or DM on discord if you wanna say it private. Schedency#7648

~ Schedency


Assuming you’re talking about sending an application from Roblox to Discord.
You can make a webhook on Discord and then send requests to it.

A tutorial I found earlier that may be helpful to you:

Rate limits are a thing but I highly doubt that you’ll exceed them with just an application system.


This, also remember you can only send 2000 characters to webhook so make sure to add character limit to answers.


Good to know.

As for the other question the OP asked, start with the UI first.
You can do this in two ways:

  1. Design a basic UI, and edit it later
  2. Design the UI the way you want it to be, no need for major edits later

After that, you need to script it. As you’ve done it this way, all your UI is ready and you just need to piece it together in a few scripts. Now you’re slowly bringing it together, and all that is left to do is to send the data to the Discord webhook via the tutorial I referenced earlier.


Alright, I’ll begin with the basic UI.

I already have a plan of what the way the UI is gonna be!


Alright, I’ll remember that it is only a 2000 character limit.