How can I stay motivated?

So usually, when making a game I either finish it and give up on ever touching it again, or just never finish at all, and I’m worried about this happening with my new game, since I don’t have any motivation to help me continue my game. This is because:

  1. Almost nobody has found my game from places apart from group walls and the forums
  2. I’m not that talented at building, and even worse for scripting
  3. There is no reward for completing it

Being a successful developer could rule out that problem forever, but that never has and never will happen overnight. Does anybody know a solution?


Based on my experiences, I try to motivate myself by finding more inspirations to add to the game, or maybe saying words to myself that I can finish the game. I suggest you should try out finding inspiration to add more features to your game.


Hi @Scooterbwoy_DevForum,

If you can’t finish your games you should focus on smaller projects. You can also collaborate with other developers to make a great game. Practice makes perfect, it takes some time.

I would recommend starting a project you are passionate about and learn during the process.
Your goal is to become a successful developer, and one day you will become one.
Good luck!