How can I stop a camera script in starterpack from running after the player dies or resets?

I’ve been trying to make this work for the past 3 months but I just couldn’t find a way.
As the title says, I’m trying to stop Cam1 from running completely when the player dies.
The problem is that no matter what I did, disabling the script, destroying the script or even breaking the script even when it can be seen disappearing in the explorer it still continues to run.

This is a problem because I made a cutscene using multiple camera scripts and I only want this cutscene to run when you first enter the world.

This is how the cutscene plays out:

As you can see in the video not only does the Cam1 script disappear yet still runs after respawning, but the Lock2D script in ReplicatedStorage doesn’t get moved to StarterGui like it should either.

Cam1 script:

StarterGui Lock2D script:

GameplayCamEnabler script:

If I forgot to specify something please ask.
Any help is appreciated.