How can I stop a module script?

I have two rain module scripts that are running. When I set it to day I want those module scripts to then stop running how can I do this?

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Rain Module:

local Raining = false

    Raining = bool

    if Raining then
        -- rain

return RainModule

Script that sets day:

local RainModule = require(RainModule)

Lighting.TimeOfDay = 12 -- set day
RainModule:SetRaining(false) -- turn off rain

So how are you setting this bool? your using a local variable but then how can I set it false in other scripts?

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If your module is controlling the rain, then you can just require the module in any script and use the functions in the module table to toggle rain

No like I am now using and if statement on the module and how could I set the variable in the module to false or true?

They probably use a while loop or RunService connection, inside you can check if a bool is set to true, if it is then let the module add the rain.


local RunService = game:GetService('RunService')

local module = {}
module.Enabled = true

function module:Start()
    return RunService.Heartbeat:Connect(function()
        if not self.Enabled then return end
        -- add rain

return module
local module = require(
module.Enabled = false

Calling RainModule:SetRaining(false) would set the “Raining” variable inside the module to false

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In the example @.hell_ish provided you can call the SetEnabled function to set the variable inside the module.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just use a while loop for something like this…?

Also everytime you call module.Start you’re initializing a new event connection and you’re not destroying the old one.

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Well does return work I’m not really good at scripting so I’m not good at modules

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Wait one thing is you can get the bool in side of the module by doing a table

Yeah pretty much, there is multiple options like wrapping a while true loop inside a coroutine instead of just using a connection.

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