How can I stop dummies/NPCs from un-welding when moved/altered

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I have a group of NPCs that I need to move around freely in the studio but post-movement they decide to delete all their welds. This problem becomes apparent in games as they will act like their limbs are unanchored (which makes sense). Of course, I could manually add them back but it can be very tedious as I have >100 NPCs. To conclude, if anybody has a workaround or fix that would work for my case it would be very apprciated. Thanks!

They shouldn’t be doing that, but a workaround for moving things while retaining their weld constraints is to set this to Physical instead of Geometric… it will retain any weld constraints and hinge constraints in place:

How are you moving the NPCs? Is it with the humanoid?

i just grab the model and move it with F3X