How can I stop my animations fading in early?

Hey guys, so I’m not really much of an animator but I’d like to learn some things that can improve my workflow. The issue I’m currently running into is that whenever I’m working with animations, if I place a keyframe maybe a second ahead, the animator will start tweening to that frame resulting in this weird slow movement to the frame. Gif shown below.

Notice how the arms are moving slowly and early in a form of a prediction, the only fix I’ve found for this is for me to slightly create offsets for each part where I want the animation to play it so the animation tweens to that slight offset giving the effect of it being frozen.

But I’m looking for a way to say, hey, if there’s no more keyframes up until this point, freeze the animation in it’s current state. I’m using Moon Animator so I’m sure that there’s something like that somewhere but I have no clue, any help is appreciated.

Alr ima give an example on how to do this

I put the arm in a pos i lik
I wanna move it faster at a certin time not gradually do something
i copy paste the key frame(s) of the pos i lik and move it close to the new pos

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This is slightly better than what I’m doing now but is there no way to freeze a keyframe up until a certain point? (Without having to copy the keyframes)

Not that i know of, If i ever need to “freeze a keyframe” (which i dont like doing as it makes the animation look bad imo) I just copy the keyframe then paste the same one at the point to “unfreeze”

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not sure about how you do it on moon, but change the keyframe to constant

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