How can I store data globally?

I want to figure out how to globally save data for this in-game rating system (for multiple places inside the game)

I can’t figure out the best way to do this

I’ve tried to use httpservice to access data on a google sheet, but i’m not sure on how to change that data on the sheet while using a script.

EDIT: Let me clarify a little better. I basically want to make an in-game rating system just like roblox’s rating system for games. My game has multiple places inside of it, and i want the player to rate the game. I can’t figure out how to save the data (globally).

does data in datastores not stay the same within the same universe?

if not then u can just use messagingservice accompanied with it

You should make use of Datastores to achieve this

Places published under the same game automatically share data.

How can I use messaging service to accomplish this?

yeah, but i only know how to save data to the player