How can I tell which direction as gamepad thumbstick is moved?

How can I tell if the player pushed the thumbstick up/down/left/right

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This doesnt help i’ve already read it

using the thumbsticks return X and Z values between -1 to 1
how would I define these values to up/down/left/right

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X is pointing to Right and -X is pointing to Left.
Y is pointing to Up and -Y is pointing to Down.


Just remember this image above^


If the x is 1 it’s moving to the right, -1 to the left, if the z is 1 it’s going forward, and -1 it’s going back (I might be wrong since I don’t remember). Anything in between those numbers means the pad isn’t going straight in one direction.

Why do you want to know this?


This graph is used in mathematical functions like Sine, Tangent, etc. It is also used in the API of Roblox for certain use cases.

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I meant what is he doing in his game that he’d want to know this, I thought maybe it was a specific problem, but nvm.


I’m creating a VR first person character “framework” and I needed to make it so the forward will always be where the player is facing

this is what I ended up doing to achieve this:
BV.Velocity = player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame:vectorToWorldSpace(*20,0,-input.Position.Y*20))