How can I track monthly revenue of a single game in a group?

So I am in charge of accounting for devGem, a game developer group with over 500,000 people and a lot of numbers to take care of, and we currently have two games. Every end of the month I figure out how much each game has made, and divide the incomes based on percentage revenue ownership of each title. Each title has varying levels of percentage ownership between different people. How am I to properly do this, since Roblox has removed the ability to see how much Robux revenue your game makes. I can only track Devproducts and Premium Payouts, theres no way for me to track gamepass products? If the group simply had one game it wouldnt be a issue, but with two games it is literally impossible.

You could make a datastore for that.
When a player pays in your game, it counts the profit in the datastore, and if you wish, you could even link the API keys to your website that would allow you to see it real time

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