How can I transfer data between games?

Hi developers.

I am currently developing a restaurant game that uses a points system. If a player has a certain amount of points, they can train to become the next rank in the group. For example, if I am an employee and I have 60 points I may train to become a senior employee.

The training centre is a different game owned by the same group. I was wondering if there is a way to transfer the points data from the main restaurant game to the training centre?

I am open to any and all methods, but as of now I am only really confident in Lua; so if you have a suggestion using another programming language I would really appreciate some sort of tutorial. :slight_smile:



Cross-game data store would most likely need a hacky solution of accessing; read and write on a data store off-site. Not exactly sure how it would work.

Unless you decided to make a hub game and then split into multiple games within.

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Sending information between games is a Bit complex topic, But it can be done.

  • First I suggest reading this artical on HttpService:
    HttpService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
    to simplify the consept you would Post(send) your data that you’d like linked to a website or Cloud service .
  • Then on the second game you’d do Get(Reads data from web page or Cloud) and use the result as your data for the second game.

you can also send your data to Discord and create a script that returns it to the second game.

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Funny thing is, I use discord for my ranking system as well.

How can I send a message to a roblox game through discord?

Well Datastore won’t let you share data between two different game universes.

You could do an external datstore with HTTPService instead.

You’ll need to use an offsite database for storing the points.

I’d personally recommend using Firebase, however there are other options. It’s up to you.

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I found a similar topic on the forum . I think this information will help you. :wink:

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Thanks for your response.


Having a datastore in a game with multiple games within its universe is shared (global).
You can access the data from the key(s) on the other games.

I believe it works like this, last time I checked.

I couldn’t find a tutorial, however this might be helpful.

I understand that, but as stated in the post I’m wanting to completely separate games in different universes.

Then you’ll need to store it to a website (I’m pretty sure), as datastores aren’t shared like you want it to in this case.

You can make your own API which will store / update all your data in an external Database such as MongoDB / Firebase.

First you will need to create a web server for the API, I recommend you to use NodeJS as its really easy to use, and then you need to create the routes which will serve your API.

Then you can use Roblox’s HTTPService to make calls to get / update data to the routes that you defined and do whatever you want to do on that route in the NodeJS Route that you defined.

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