How can I trick the server into thinking an NPC is a Player?

Greetings! I have a vehicle ghost system, and it is unfortunately not going so well. I ran into multiple issues which are now fixed, and I am stuck at the biggest one.

I need to trick the Server into thinking an Entire NPC is a player, so I can make it think that it is pressing keys even though it isn’t.

What would the best way to accomplish this be? Thanks in advance!

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Why? I’ve made ghost drivers before and all I had to do was invoke the routines based on the action the NPC was taking to control the vehicle. The input for a real player just tells you to invoke the same routines.

The system is based off of BetterJeep. Do you think you can help me properly bind the events? I have a table of stuff that tells what time happens and when it does it.

I tried using ModuleScripts, but that didn’t work. Just caused a lot of errors.

I don’t know anything about that module/system sorry. You’d need to look through it and find the routines that controls the vehicle. After than create some bindable events or other wise call those routines when needed.

A LocalScript makes it work, and it needs a player. That is why I want to trick the Server into thinking a player is in my kart system.

If this thing still uses the steer/throttle properties of the vehicle seat. You may just be able to set those values from your NPC script. I think the original jeep code this was based off used those but I’m not certain.

No, there is a Vector2 Value, and it requires a Players character and playergui.