How can I turn the user into a simple 4x4 part in roblox studio?

Hey Dev Forum, I’m trying to turn the user into a part. Thats basically it. I just want the user to be a simple part. How would that be possible?


This is actually super easy. Just do this

Make sure the model is named “StarterCharacter” (case sensitive) and parent it to StarterPlayer. The HumanoidRootPart is the 2x2x2 part, and the humanoid HipHeight is set to 1

Here is the model for if you’re super lazy
2x2x2 part starter character.rbxm (4.6 KB)
Just parent it to StarterPlayer and you’re done.

Edit: Just realized you wanted a 4x4x2 part, not 2x2x2. Super easy fix, just change the HumanoidRootPart size to 4, 4, 4 and set the HipHeight of the humanoid to 2

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