How can I unequip a tool if a tool is already equipped?

I recently used this inventory module and it works amazing but I have no idea how to make it so you can not equip multiple tools at a time
InventorySystem_OpenSourced.rbxl (74.4 KB)

For some reason I can equip multiple tools.

I tried many solutions like deleting the object if there’s already a tool but those don’t work and just bug out the script.

Sorry for the bad formatting this is my first topic.


Maybe check if a tool is already equipped and if its already equipped don’t let you equip anymore?

Use Humanoid:UnequipTools() when pressing the “Equip” button.


Use what @DEVLocalPlayer said but another way (longer less efficient way) check if the tool is the char and then set the parent to player.Backpack

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There’s really no need to use that method when you can simply call Humanoid:UnequipTools() before equipping the new tool. With it you ensure the player doesn’t have any other tool equipped before equipping the new one.


Thanks alot! It’s always the simplest things I never think of XD