How can I upload my blender animation to roblox?

I hope to get help with this problem, where I have no clue how to export my animation from blender to roblox.

So the problem is that I don’t know how to export my animation for my bull I made in blender to roblox studio.

In the picture above you see a bull, I gave him bones to animate him. The bull is made out of multiple cubes, so not out of 1. I also didnt make 1 big armature, but I made for every cube an armature (for the legs and feet I used 1 armature, so I kinda combined them together, but they are 2 different cubes). So also for every leg I made a new armature. The horns, eyes and ears of the bull are mirored.
I used pose mode to animate and the animation is working fine.

I tried alot of youtube videos, but I got stuck on 1 moment in a video and in the other videos I watched it wouldnt work for me.

When I used this to export my bull to roblox studio with the bones,
2021-10-26 (7)

I got this:

Help is apreciated! If you want to, you can also give feedback on my bull!

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export as fbx, use avatar importer…with the last option… select custom

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