How can I upload this image without being moderated?

How can I upload this image without getting my account moderated?
Obviously this doesn’t break any rules on the Roblox platform but I received a warning for “Inappropriate”. I genuinely didn’t intend to do anything inappropriate with the image it was simply the background for my currency display.

I know about the trick where you change the color of one pixel so that it forces the image to go through the moderation process again but what if another mod issues a warning? Couldn’t that cause my account to be banned if I receive too many warnings for the same thing? An alt could work but would they issue an IP ban?

Less little dots, or it might look like some kind of QR code. If you insist to use an alt, use a VPN!

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Obviously moderation made a mistake, I recommend you slightly change it, whether recoloring a single dot, shifting the colors, etc. Moderation will most likely realize a mistake and let it pass.