How can I use a GIF as a Texture?

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I’ve been trying to use the New Updated Feature of Textures but I do not seem to know how to make the Animated type Texture, I’ve been looking for Tutorials and Posts but I do not seem to get an Answer, This is the GIF I am trying to use.

I am trying to make it a Texture on a Mesh, I uploaded it but it seems to be only an Image.


I don’t think Roblox decals or images accept GIFs as a file type. I assume it’s taking a singular frame of the GIF as the image when you upload it.


Though there have been Creations that have a Animated Decal. :thinking:

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That’s using a still image with a script changing the texture offset on a loop afaik


Well, Is there a way you can use a Rainbow Image and make it to be Animated?

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Check out this post, should cover your use case.


ROBLOX doesn’t support .GIF files, if you want you could make it a .png but I believe you’re trying to make a “moving” texture, which again, is not supported in the platform.

Good luck!

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Roblox currently does not support GIFs, but you can convert each frame to a PNG and upload as a decal, which can be used in a script similar to this:

decal = script.Parent -- your decal instance
frames = [
1234567890, -- ids

frame = 1

while wait(0.1) do -- new frame every 1/10 seconds
decal.Texture = "rbxassetid://" .. frames[frame]
frame = frame + 1
if frame > #frames then frame = 1 end -- loop back to the beginning

Sorry for the lack of indents, they don’t work in this textbox.