How can I use AI to process a script with 3500 lines?

The problem is that the script in question is very complex and impossible for correspondence. And immediately came the option with artificial intelligence, which will distribute server functions and local functions. But I couldn’t find that artificial intelligence that wasn’t limited.
The script is a TurboFusion script for a weapon model, but it contains both local and server functions, and it is local.

dont use turbofusion that is old and not fe duh

Claude 2 has a very high character limit and an estimated word count of about 60,000 words. But it can hallucinate and is currently only available in the US. It also has better reasoning than GPT-3.5 and the higher token limit for complex logic. But I have found that lots of LLM’s when working with coding in luau tend to have more trouble with it than other languages. So Claude 2 is a reasonable choice for it if you want to use it.

Claude 2 is not suitable, because it requires a phone number, and my country’s phone is not there.

Yes, although the script is outdated, but it is more changeable, albeit confusing. And it also has additional features such as throwing grenades, knife attack and throwing smoke grenades. So I chose it to fix it and embed it into my game.

Okay, is there a specific amount of tokens or a character limit that you would need? I would need it if I wanted to find a good one that would work well.

The script is quite large, so there will be no limit on the request.

If you mean you can put in as much text as you want, then I think that STAN A.I. might work because it says that it has no token limit. But if you click on the link you can see that it has a button that says schedule a demo. So I don’t know how long it would take in order to get the demo or something.

Does ChatGPT Have a Character Limit? ChatGPT vs. STAN AI | STAN AI.

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