How can I use animations Roblox created in my game?

It’s not that big of a problem but for the sake of making things easy, how come I cant use animations created by ROBLOX in our own games?

For example, I want to use this animation for my game

Its created by ROBLOX and you can buy it, so why can’t I use it openly for things like NPC animations?

I admit taking Roblox’s animations is lazy, but I don’t have time to make my own animations at the moment.

You can use these animations in your game, actually. The URL of that run animation is:

If you try to use 619536621, its ID, for the animation, it will fail to load because the asset isn’t truly an animation. It’s a model which contains an animation. You’ll need to insert the asset you linked with InsertService, and you can obtain the animation inside:


I tried that and had no luck
The code works just fine considering it works with animations I’ve created.

No, you can’t paste the ID from the website – it’s a model, and not an animation. You need to insert the ID from the website with InsertService and use the ID of the animation that model contains.

Oh my bad, I misunderstood what you said.

I just tried it and got this ID
I plugged it in and got nothing still.

That is the correct ID. In play solo if I paste it into Character > Animate > run > RunAnim and restart the Animate script, I get the zombie run. If you are experiencing issues with the NPC using the incorrect animation, it is due to your script. Can you post what you’re using?

Ah, It works fine now, I’m not sure what was wrong with it.