How can I use DataStore in many game places?

Hello, I am making a game with a lot of places. I was just wondering how can I save the data in some place and load it in other…? Should I use teleport service to send the data between places and save in each one or It will just load in all of them since its one game just with multiple places?


Are you talking about a universe with places to teleport too? There is a thread here Possible to save data across multiple games?. Here is another thread Do DataStores carry over between different places within a game?

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Please don’t use TeleportService to transfer data between games within the same universe but instead use MessagingService.

If your games are within the same universe then you can use Roblox data stores normally because each game in that universe has the same database. This means data stores are transferred between games within the same universe automatically.

However if you want to transfer data between games not within the same universe then this is impossible with Roblox data stores. To do this you will have to use some sort of off-site database.


Datastores are across all places in a game, so as long as they’re all under one game you can fetch them same way you did in first place.


Thanks, this is what exactly i needed sir :slightly_smiling_face:

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what about tables and variables ? do they retain their values ?

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