How can I use highlights on transparent objects?

Whenever I try to make an object even a bit transparent the highlights disappear. Is there any way to fix this?

I don’t think highlights support transparency yet, I think this is because transparent objects are rendered separately from opaque ones.

nope, its not a feature yet

It is, but only when its adornee is a model. If the adornee is a single part, then the highlight doesn’t work with transparency, sadly

so just model a transparent part?

Well, wait because I think the model must have at least 1 non transparent part (that you can hide somewhere) so the render works

EDIT: Yes, put the Highlight.Adornee onto a model, and then put a part that can be hidden with Transparency = 0 and all your other parts with transparency in the model too



Here is a direct topic I have just created about it:

Hi, sorry that this is a bit late but I’ve had this issue and nothing I’ve seen has worked. I found out this pretty buggy method, im not exactly sure how it works but I managed to make an invisible highlight part. Here’s the model InvisibleHighlight - Roblox

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Group your part and put humanoid on it. then highlight will work on even the part is transparent(transparency 0.99).

This idea came from the days we only had the Voxel lighting technology, for adding shadows like characters to parts, putting humanoid on it.

i found character’s highlights not disappear even characters are translarent.


now we can just put highlights on transparent blocks! yay

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hi, BuilderBird. can you tell me how? because im still having trouble. could you tell me how you managed without a humanoid? (though im willing to try that hack)