How can I use my own Copyrighted Music in my own game?

Alright you’re telling me that I’m incorrect even tho I own a music publishing company which licenses music to the Roblox platform? Which we did this way and since then we do it via other internal team since we got partnered?

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Audio is not public by default.

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What you’re saying contradicts what Roblox says. I’m not saying you don’t do it that way; I am saying that is not how OP should do it.

From my knowledge the OP have to license his music to Roblox and for that the easiest way is just reaching out to the copyright agent email.

This contradicts all available documentation, including direct replies from customer support.

Well as they do in most cases?

Reply I got a year ago:

Thank you for contacting us.

We are forwarding your information to the appropriate department and personnel. If they need more information from you or wish to pursue this further, they will follow-up with you directly.


A. Negi
DMCA Agent
Roblox Corporation

So what this tells me is the Copyright Agent is not the right person to contact, and OP should follow the advice they got from Customer Support. They are basically saying “this is not our department’s job.”

They are redirecting you into the Global Music department and thats it but youll get no more human reply other than copyright agent. Then its just legal things to make.

Hey. Really sorry to hear this happened to you.

In short, everything you did was legal. The problem is the way Roblox has implemented AudibleMagic. If Roblox sees ANY match between what you upload to Roblox and what is in the AudibleMagic database, your music will get blocked.

When you uploaded the music to Spotify and Apple Music it was sent into the AudibleMagic database, and thus, when you uploaded it to Roblox AFTER, it got blocked.

I hope the moderators listen to your messages and unblock you.

Hey, stop it with your big ego. Even the bests can make mistakes.


I don’t think that I have big ego, just denying and saying the truth.

Just this. You say you can’t be wrong.

I cannot be wrong since I went through all of the steps to get our music licensed to Roblox. Just confirming and stating my position.

But the thing is EVERYONE can be wrong! Even the Roblox owner can forget things about their own ToS!

That’s actually a valid point, however am I wrong in this case?

I never said you where, I honnestly have no idea if you’re right or not. All what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t say you can’t be wrong. Maybe you’re right on this, I don’t personally know.

Yea then sorry if I’ve accidentally shown some ego, in this case I’m not wrong however anyone can be wrong as you’re saying.

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I don’t want people to be able to UPLOAD my music without getting copyright striked but I wanna be able to upload it without Roblox thinking that I stole copyrighted music as my music I had copyrighted.

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Powering imagination said they , huh copyright ruining roblox admit it!

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True. Copyright ignoring Roblox was a better time. A much better time. I joined in 2008.

Luckily, AI is our savior. I’ve made some pretty good songs using AI that sound like real singers.