How can I use the ™ symbol in a group anme?

Hey developers!

When trying to use™ in my group name, it says it is invalid. Is there another way to get the ™ in my group name?

Thanks in advance.

Soulotion Below:


The ® or ™ symbols is not allowed on group names, how ever the big role play groups managed to get it because they have signed their own copyright contract. (It might not be the case)


How can I do this for my group? Do I need to contact Roblox?

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Try reading this,

and also normally, copyright contracts are legally signed irl, which I don’t know if that’s the case.
If it’s not, try contacting Roblox by emailing them.




You can no longer use those characters for group names.


Also there is a dude that had trademark logo on their group name and it was taken down permanently. You used to be able to use that on your group name but the results being the group get taken down.

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But would that include with game developing groups?

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Yes, Including the UGC items and others.

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Answer: No.

Simple explanation to your question, Roblox stopped allowing any kind of special characters in group names, this does not include the characters on your keyboard. This is basically anything such as :copyright:, or :registered:. The groups that currently have a copyright/register trademark symbol are groups that were created before this update. Yes, I know it can be frustrating for you, if you tried to make your own group idea copyrighted. Roblox also does not “bestow” the copyright sign. When it comes to group names, Roblox cannot change it for you, and you cannot change them yourself once you have already purchased the group for 100 R$.


Can you use it legally is my question?

You can use TM if the name. Is not generic and it’s a part of your company, it does not have to be registered.

®️ can only be used if the name is a registered trademark of your company.

©️ can only be used if you have copyrighted it for your company.