How can I use tools and be able to do this?

I saw this sword which rotates with the hand, and tried making an animation, but I can’t rotate with that. How do I hold it with two hands and be able to rotate it?

It’s a tween of the Tool.GripForward i guess.

How would I know where to place it?

It could be they parented the sword to the character, connected the sword to your hand with a motor6D, and animated the rig with the sword attached.

This is an example.

game:GetService("TweenService"):Create(workspace.Dummy.Tool,, {GripForward =, 0, 1)}):Play()

I see, and the hands together holding it? animations didn’t seem to work as whenever I try to rotate when it is running it just falls out of the map

That’s smth advanced, i can’t help but this tutorial can help you. How to make arm follow mouse

Sweet, thanks for the help, will check that out

Oh god sorry it wasn’t a tutorial, good luck finding one.