How can I use tween position to tween a GUI based of its current position

So I have a draggable GUI with a close button, when you press the close button, it tweens the GUI up and off the screen, the problem is though, because the GUI is draggable, I need to get the current position of the GUI on the X axis. But as far as I’m aware, the draggable property of GUIs only works with offset, yet when I try tweening with offset, it tweens off in a random direction.

Is there a way to get the current X axis position and apply it to the tween?


You can:

local XPos = frame.Position.X.Offset --you can also do frame.Size.X.Scale for scale

Then create the tween table. XPos is a read only property, so you can get the info but to set it you need to create a new

local toTween = {Position =, XPos, 0, 0)} --replace the other values as needed

So this should be a solution? I am a bit busy currently so I can’t test it out.

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Yes that is my intended outcome, thanks for your help!