How Can I View the 'Explorer' Window (Or Equivalent) Whilst Playing?

I would like an easy, graphical way to look through all of the variables and properties that my client can see when playtesting my game. This includes replicated storage, workspace, my player variables… Stuff like that. Not server storage.

This is talking about when playtesting with 15 other players, this is different to clicking “Start Server -> run 6 clients”. This is more realistic, and you get differing results due to network latency. As a developer, I would like to be able to easily look through server variables and properties, as there is some bizarre activity happening that I think is caused by variables not being set properly.

Instead of using command line to search variables awkwardly I want a nice, easy method to look through my game’s files. I have the option of injecting “Dex Explorer” using an exploit, but due to ROBLOX’s hard stance on ‘No exploits are ever useful’ I can’t do this. Are there any other alternatives to Dex Explorer that I can quickly implement? I feel like making my own would be reinventing the wheel, since Dex already exists.

A link to a model or easy solution for this would be much appreciated!

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I am pretty sure you won’t need to use an exploit program to inject dex? Can’t you just slap dex in a local script?

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Everything you see inside of studio when play testing inside of studio is what the client can see when you’re on the client tab. If you for a serious need to have a dex window to see things you could just use one of the admin command models and look through what you need to and remove it, you could of corse make a explorer yourself but it just seems like a waste of time for me.

(A Admin command Model is as easy as going to create tab of roblox and clicker library then finding a model)

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To answer your question, it is unlikely as most exploited explorers use custom functions not inside of studio.

I couldn’t find a working version but I did only try two, I’ll keep trying