How can players report bugs in my game?

It is very common for a game to be released with possible bugs in the code, even if it has already been thoroughly tested, even though an alpha and beta release has already been made.

I would like to know if Roblox has any tools that make it easier for the user to report unexpected bugs in a game?

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You can set up a webhook that goes directly to your discord.


Thanks, but I meant if is there a system to collect screenshots, logs, dumps, etc., all related to the game, in order to make the player’s life easier when reporting the bug and at the same time, generating important information for the developer so that he can quickly track the problem, without having to try to “guess” what happened …

They can send screenshots through your discord but not through roblox.

You could make a Discord server for your game with a “bug-reports” channel or, a discord webhook where they have to include links to screenshots (add that as a disclaimer) in-case players do not have access to Discord. Second option is pretty unsafe tho since links from unkown people can be REALLY dangerous.

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If you want to send an error logs use

local LogService = game:GetService("LogService")
local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")

local Webhook = 'TYPE_WEBBHOOK_HERE_ok?'

LogService.MessageOut:Connect(function(MessageString, Type)
	if Type == Enum.MessageType.MessageError or Type == Enum.MessageType.MessageWarning then
		local Message = {
			content = MessageString
		HttpService:PostAsync(Webhook, HttpService:JSONEncode(Message))

Player’s don’t need to tell you errors you can usually figure them out yourself.

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That’s a very interesting approach and I’d like to implement that.
For me to better understand, in this case, any error or warning generated internally during the game would be automatically sent somewhere, right?
And what would that place be (HTTP)?

Yah any ingame errors or warnings would be sent somewhere, not HTTP though that’s a communication protocol.

The thing I showed above just sends any errors you get to the discord webhook defined here:

In a real game I would log my errors in a database more specifically firebase. The reason is discord has rate limiting for webhooks.

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