How can we create some quality SFX?

Hello everyone! I am working on some combat skills for my game and would like to add some good quality SFX that I could make. Does anyone know a software or whatever platform with witch I can achieve this?

For experienced people I got this question for you: How do you create your SFX for your game?

I can’t find any good tutorial anywhere to help me on this so your help will be very appreciated.
Thank you!


I cant really tell you how exactly to create original sounds from scratch but there's tons of places where you can find good quality sfx or make them yourself with the help of the internet.

For example:

• Firstly, the quickest place to find sfx for your game is the Roblox Creator Marketplace which has a lot of free and easy to use sound effects for your game.

• Now if you want something more complex and original you can use various tools from the internet. For instance

  1. sfxr is a free popular site that lets you create your own sound effects. You can make really cool sfx but its limited to a kind of an 8-bit style.

  2. You can also browse through a list of sfx libraries containing free sound effects you can download and use in your game such as:

    b) Pixabay’s game sfx category
    c) Zapslat
    d) Freesound

    or any other free sound effect library you can find on the internet.

  3. If you really want you can make your own sound effects, it will take some time to learn how but there are plenty of videos online that can easily teach you how to use a sound mixing app like FL Studio. In this case unfortunately most of the good applications aren’t free and would require some kind of payment for full access.

  4. You can contanct roblox developers who are well experienced with sound effects and either hire them to make/give you a list of them or show you how to create/find good sfx. Obviously this option isn’t free and would require you to spend some money or in this case robux, but it is still an option (Also you could consider hiring someone irrelevant from Roblox to make custom game sfx from apps like Fiverr)

  5. Lastly, similarily to 4, you can find a way broader list of sound effects if you are willing to pay for them. There are tons of websites on the internet where you can find stocks of game sfx that people are selling.


Thank you for the detailed answer. I will make sure to check that out. I usually don’t like to use marketplace sounds since it sometimes get deleted… my best way to make sound was to record irl sounds in audacity with a studio microphone. Of course it work, but once imported to studio the sound get lot of glitch sound.


Just wanted to add to this. If I recall, roblox licensed a whole load of sound effects and music from a third party source (maybe more than one), these are all usually uploaded by Roblox.


When dealing with Music, most of the Roblox approved tracks have their producer/label credited as so:

There are tons of these - some sounds can be a little on the poorer quality side - but they shouldn’t be moderated or deleted, and there’s a broad range of options to choose from.

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