How can you elevate quality builds on Roblox?

I’ve been building on Roblox for around 2-3 years, and about 1 year for detail driven environments. I spend most of my time working on games, so my experience with these environments is pretty limited. I spent a day making this forestry themed environment, and would love some feedback, while also showing work I’m sorta proud of!




I’ve clearly got plenty to improve on, but I was wondering what else can be added. It’s extremely easy to be blinded from your own work, so would appreciate others opinions! So far it’s been pretty specific to this scene, but I’m also curious about what can be done to improve any realistic scene, and methods people use to develop these scenes. Like how would someone go about making their own PBR textures for a mesh? And do people find concepts online, or do they freely create environments, or maybe even draw layouts for world design. And other healthy habits when creating your own world.

To provide some context, I often consider taking building serious, and contributing large amounts of my time to making these environments, hence I was curious about others workflow, and their different approaches to some things, before I make such a decision.


I think adding fireflies would really make them stand out of the green background and add an extra to your builds. Anyway, I really like the atmosphere you did here. or maybe some brown mushroom as well


To answer the title question (in my mind), the quality of a build can be evaluated on how much detail there is or if everything looks like it belongs. For example, if you have a detailed environment, such as the one displayed here, and you want to add a oil barrel or something, you don’t want that barrel to just be a cylinder with a texture, because then it wouldn’t fit with its surroundings, you would want it to have some dents or whatever so the shape realistic, then add the color or texture so it then fits with the other details in the build. (Sorry if this was just a run on sentence you didn’t understand)

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