How can you make an offset to a motor6d

I am trying to make a handle weld to the right arm but offsetted 1 stud downwards. I also want the handle rotated 90 degrees but that puts the handle in the sky so I removed it for now

RightGrip.C0 = RightArm.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(,-1,0))

I don’t have any idea on how to do this. I’ve been searching for answers for about 4 hours now. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life at this point.


You can use attachment inside the main part. In the position attribute set the offset. And In the motor6D object, set the .WorldPosition) as c0.

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Well now the handle is in the sky. Wouldn’t that be the same as

C0 =,0,0))

By the part0’s rotation changes a lot

You can use WeldConstraint like this:
They dont need c0.

local part1 = part1
local part2 = part2
local offset =,0,0)
local weld =“WeldConstraint”, part1)
part2.CFrame = part1.CFrame * offset
weld.Part0 = part1
weld.Part1 = part2

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I need animations though. Its for a gun handle. If I tell anyone its for an fps engine people get to scared and don’t answer the question.

Facing right:

Facing left

I swear couldnt you use toolgrip or something

It is not a tool it is a model. Im making a character follow your camera and have animations and stuff. Not as simple.

if u know the cframe of the arm u could make the cframe relative to the arms cframe then just offset it. if say the arms cframe is A and the guns is G what we basically got is

so we first move it to the side so we get like
and since we can’t divide matrices we gotta get the inverse then multiply it since it’s practically the same leaving us with that the matrix transformation is A*inverse(G)

then we multiply that transformation matrix by the guns cframe. from here we can do pretty much anything now, perhaps even combining the transformation matrix with a translation matrix up to make it pivot like you suggested, maybe like

gun.CFrame =,1,0) * (arm.CFrame * gun.CFrame:inverse())
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I think the c0 is the offset if the part0 is the handle.

I feel like should work. But it is doing the exact same thing. Am I doing something completely wrong here??

Handle.CFrame =,1,0) * (RightArm.CFrame * Handle.CFrame:inverse())

When I face other directions and re equip the gun it moves.

local offset =,0.1,0)
Weld.C0.CFrame = (RightArm.CFrame) * offset

do you set the motor6ds c0/c1?

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I set the gun handle’s cframe. If I were to set the c0 or c1 how would I do it.

If I use c0 the gun is out of view.
If I use c1 the gun does the same thing.

robloxapp-20210707-2027497.wmv (3.7 MB)

robloxapp-20210707-2027080.wmv (1.8 MB)
Here I change the offset

This is completely different. I think. Because whenever I move my camera it changes. It is not a normal tool weld.

If the camera change the weld too.

Its when I re equipt the gun and look elsewhere

In my system there is a client model and a server model. The client one is the one we are talking about. The server model is the one in the tool.

Dont use handle.CFrame, use C0.

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This is what happens.
Its not as simple as “use c0” which everyone is telling me. Im starting to think I will never get this fixed. Which is probably the case and I will have to just quit this. I have been here all day looking for answers and have found 0.