How can you stop camera noclipping with a script

Hello! I have this bug in my game were a player can noclip with their camera

Is their any script or something that could fix this? Help appreciated !

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You could offset your camera by adding your camera’s CFrame with a CFrame.Angles.

CFrame = CFrame + CFrame.Angles(0,10,0)
--The CFrame's orientation now has 10+ on the Y axis.

Since your camera looks like it’s clipping through the front, you can add a negative Z on the orientation.

camera.CFrame = camera.CFrame + CFrame.Angles(0,0,-2)
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Thanks This worked well! Appreciated

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You can also shorten the script by specifying that you want to add by itself and another value:

camera.CFrame = camera.CFrame + CFrame.Angles(0,0,-2)


camera.CFrame += CFrame.Angles(0,0,-2)

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