How can you tell if a game is profitable enough to continue marketing?

Currently, I have a game that I spent 4k robux in sponsors for, and I sponsored for tablet during friday. In a day, I got 3/4 of it back, and then all of it within a few more hours. So far I have profited around 400 robux from it.

The average visit length is around 13 minutes, however I’ve heard that visit length does not exactly matter when it comes to games, and instead engagement and retention should be prioritized. As for retention rates, it maintained a stable player count of 60-80 players, however after the sponsorship ended it dropped to only 20-30 players playing at a time. Although I did technically make a profit, I am worried with the sudden player count drop and the low retention rates.

With these factors involved, is my game profitable in the long run? Are there any other factors that come into play when deciding if a game is profitable?


a good trick that a lot of top games do is make a vip gamepass, and charge around 500 robux for it and also for your other gamepasses


I’ve also put VIP gamepasses into the game, and have made only 3 sales from that.