How can you test clothing templates?

Generally, whenever I want to make clothing for Roblox, I start off with a quick sketch and then place it on a humanoid in Roblox studio just to see how things would line up, however, I have been warned a couple of times for nudity as I only upload a rough, non filled in sketch

Are there any other easy ways to test clothing without having to upload it to Roblox or is there any way in which I can upload sketches to studio without it being taken down?


Local File Importer could help you with that.


Thank you!
will try it as soon as I decide to make another piece of clothing :slight_smile:


You could do that method and see how it looks on roblox but that seems time consuming. I would put it on a little 2D roblox mannequin on your program! It’s less time consuming from what I see.

This is what I use! It basically does the job with ‘seeing how things would line up’ and etc. Of course, you would have to set it up by copying a few parts from your template onto here. If you needed a side view, it would be easy to make one too! If you have no clue how to place certain parts of your template onto the 2D mannequin, I’ll show/tell you how in the next paragraph.

How To Set The Mannequin Up

Okay so to put clothing on the 2D mannequin: I have some images to help you out here. This is my template and I have indicated important parts to set this up. For the mannequin, there are 2 arms/legs and a torso!

But let’s say you wanna put a shirt up… You would need to use the magic wand tool and select the torso and both arms boxes.

After that, invert selection and delete or cut! I’ll be coloring the inside boxes to make this easier to see.

Gray boxes should be what is left of your template. All you need to do now is assemble the pieces. (Take the arm box and copy and paste onto the mannequin)
Just repeat that step, and it should be good to go. You’ll be able to see if pieces lined up correctly only if you put the parts of the template onto the mannequin right. I hope this helped.


hello how you do to give that texture to those clothes