How come I have never found a game 'sprite' based 2d games in roblox?

Hello there!
I been doing some research on sprite games and I thought "huh , why haven’t I see anyone make a game like this in Roblox?"
Of course there are pro and cons that I thought about too . one of pros is you don’t need to 3D model anything in the game , and the only cons that I can think of is that you need a bunch of images to create let’s say a walking animation.

The famous MUGEN game is what made me think why haven’t someone recreate something like that? What do you guys think?


There’s no point making a whole spritesheet when you can just make a genuinely animated avatar. Spritesheets in games like Megaman are used because nothing is separated in a way that allows them to move it around and animate. Spritesheets are more often a result of a technical limitation than a purposeful art style.


I just don’t think Roblox supports 2D physics very well.


There was a Deltarune port at roblox… I could not find it but it was sick so yeah, sprite games arent imposibble for roblox

its just it’ll take ages plus zero help barely any tutorials sooo like ITS POSSSSSIble

I finished a 2d virtual world game recently. The 2d physics are getting improved but it’s the first of it’s kind that I have seen on roblox. Adventure Planet - Roblox


This is definitely what i was talking last year , so it is possible :+1:
Keep up the good work !