How come most Roblox games don't have a queue system?


If you see valve games and fortnite and among us, you have to wait or find a match to join in and wait for a queue. How come most Roblox games don’t do this practice?

I think if a game did not add a ‘wait/find a match to join in and wait for a queue’ thing, they most likely don’t need it. Outlaster/Survivor do have a find a match and some other games do too (f.e. Roblox Drama). I hope this helped a bit.

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Most likely because it’s challenging to do, it can screw up if your game doesnt have enough players, game gets unplayable if teleportservice breaks, it generally makes it harder to join game with friends and is usually not needed since roblox already provides you a comfortable server system.

I mean, I believe that when you hit the green play button you’re queueing for a match, don’t you think?

Roblox had something about it for when people join, as if, you can decide if you want players to join the recommended server with people of their language and in close zones of their country, or you can decide to make them join any server, get queued with people just to fill servers and get them with russian and korean kids, doesn’t matter if the quality of the game isn’t the same, also they give you less payment when they buy things in your game. Yeah, that’s why people don’t touch the queue options much.

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