How come my feedback script is not working? It uses discord webhooks!

I used this roblox bundle/model:

inside of the “control script” i made the max characters 1000 and it works in roblox studio but when i tried in roblox it did not work!

I’m using this for a feedback gui and it was working fine until i changed max characters to 1000 but even then it worked in roblox studio just not roblox! (btw i need to keep max characters at 1000 or more)

Are you using a Proxy for your webhook? This won’t work in live game if you aren’t.

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Discord webhooks are blocked - use a proxy.

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it works in studio though. abd how do i use a proxy?

Yup the webhooks works from Studio cause its sent from your pc, and discord will accept that incoming, but once you run the script from a real server in roblox, discord wont allow it

how do i use a proxy though? ik i need one…

You replace with the proxy’s domain in the the webhook url.

i replaced with and it seemed to work!

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