How come Posts spammed in a long period of time never get dealt with?

Dear DevForum users, today i want to ask the question, how come Posts spammed in a long period of time never get dealt with?

I’m not saying like a spam every day or something. I am talking about copy pasting your portfolio to help boost you ahead. I see a lot of people doing it these days and i wonder if it abides the rules.

There are many examples of this with both recruitment posts and personal portfolios (Mainly newer or less known community members) that really stick out yet never get dealt with.

The most common occurrence of this is when a post gets flagged for being bad and they remake it or when the person gets a bad review on their post and they don’t want it there.

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Flag duplicate posts.


Okay, but most people don’t realize it is spam because they only do it like every few weeks. Maybe DevForum should block users repeating posts somehow to prevent this.

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If the post is dead, it is probably not worth dealing with until it regains activity somehow. Flag it anyways. Once flagged and moderated, the user usually is privately informed about this.

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This wouldn’t work unless you spent a lot of engineering effort into AI to accurately ideantify duplicates, someone could just add a dot at the end or some hidden characters and the post would still go up


Yeah, idk how it would work either but i know duplicate posts could become a problem in the future when DevForum reaches like 1,000,000 posts due to it being a lagging overload.

Okay, i’ll make sure to do that when i see a duplicate.