How convert a MeshPart into a SpecialMesh?

So I haven’t found any way to convert a MeshPart to a SpecialMesh in order to resize it as desired. Entering the ID doesn’t seem to work and there are no such Plugins.

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Are you setting the SpecialMesh’s MeshType to FileMesh before entering the ID? It needs to be set to that for it to work.

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yes I have done it many times but nothing has changed

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I will make a plugin and publish it (can’t do a reverse effect cuz the meshid property in meshparts are read-only)


Okay then, I have two questions:

  • Are you putting the SpecialMesh inside of a Part? A SpecialMesh needs to be parented to a Part to show up.
  • I probably should have asked this earlier, but how exactly are you “entering the ID”? Are you copying and pasting the MeshId of the MeshPart into the MeshId property of the SpecialMesh in Studio, or are you doing something different?
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  • Yes

  • I did as you said, but since it didn’t work I imported the meshpart into assets manager but it didn’t work.

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You could see if the creator’s inventory is public, then see if you can find the working mesh id?

I know it’s not the best solution but if nothing else is working then this is one of the only things you can do

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I did something like this but it didn’t work out well

This might take upto 20 minutes (you might aswell try if you really must) but you could try taking the id up by one number until you find the other mesh? Or down, I am not too sure.