How could add intoxication but not reference alcohol?

I am working on a game where realistic situations come into place with a lot, and I was wanting to add a bar or drinks but not reference alcohol in any way. Like maybe make somewhat of shot glasses or some form of alcoholic beverage shape but maybe do a different name, When you get intoxicated the more you get the more blurry your vision gets for a period of time, and if you get pulled over and get field-tested for blood alcohol levels you will be arrested for DUI.

Maybe come up with a new way to show off like name the drinks something like part of Puyallup so maybe like a special type of drink like “Puydrinks” or something.


That still references alchohol. The closest thing you can do is a drink that makes you weaker or something? I don’t know.

Hmm sometimes Roblox’s makes developing harder but hey I am thinking of some ways.

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