How could I accomplish this?

I have a set of doors but want them to open automatically and slide round a cylinder.

Any ideas of how I could do this?

2 Options, CFrame tweening it around a pivot point which in this case should be located at the center of cylinder to achieve circular motion.

Or animate it using a rigged model with an AnimationController (more preferable) or humanoid.

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I would just create a hidden part at the centre of the cylinder and use that as the door hinge. I’ve attached and .rbxl file where I’ve created a cylinder with door so you can check it out.
In the example I added a click detector to the door for opening/closing.
CylinderDoor.rbxl (55.1 KB)

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I’ll attempt to animate it. I will update further if this works.

Sorry for the late response.

Animating it worked perfectly.