How could I create a code editor GUI

How would I create a text editor GUI that works like InCommand

I’ve tried creating a textbox, but I can’t get it to look right
Here’s what I have:


You can make a GUI that has 1 textbox for a line and make it so the player can stop writing whenever he wants to without the text getting deleted.

A game that works on that kind of way would be: Lua Learning.

If you can’t really check it out here is an image.

Every line that is created is one different textbos that pops up when Enter is hit and also gets deleted if a Backspace is clicked with no content in the textbox.

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How would I get the currently selected text box?

use the TextBox Focused function.

	print("Someone is editing this textbox")

	print("someone stopped editing this textbox text, did they press enter? ",EnterPressed)

this function does not register who is editing the textbox content through server but if you run this via local script, it will only fire this event if you edit the textbox.

Sorry for late reply, i had been browsing this topic for help with a SB im designing.