How could I create a sort of "anti-piracy" system for my game?

I’m trying to make a system which detects weather the game’s owner is mine, or if it’s a leaker. If it’s not me it’ll do x. However, if I were to hide it in a script, it could easily be deleted by said leaker. I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do this.


The best way to hide your code is to create Private Modules.

If a ModuleScript object is has its Name property set to ‘MainModule’ and is uploaded to Roblox as a model to your account, Scripts can use require with the uploaded model’s AssetId instead. This allows you to create private modules on your Roblox account!

The code in these scripts cannot be stolen by people who do not own the Private Module, even if someone successfully manages to steal all of the components of your game that are kept on the server (i.e. in the event of a leak). Just make sure not to store any copies of your Private Modules inside of the game itself.


Couldn’t they just delete the require() line?

The Private Module would hold the most important code that runs your game, which you don’t want anyone to access. If someone uploads an exact copy of your game, the game wouldn’t function properly without being able to require the code in that module.

Ohhhh, I see what you mean now. Thanks.

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Private Modules have been deprecated for a long time and the module cannot be made privated if it’s going to be used in the game, that means anyone can just copy the module from the profile, I’ve found a way to load core components of the OS from the server side, but I’ve decided I’m not going to share it

Keep everything done on the server side - hackers can only steal what they can access. Keep things in serverStorage unless it needs to be in ReplicatedStorage

You seem to not have too much issue publicly disclosing the fact you leaked my game…

As a matter of fact; that whole situation was the reason I decided I’d make this post.

When did I say I leaked your game exactly?

Not to mention you’re the person who put up a leaked version of my game. However it seems you’ve taken it down due to either me calling you out, or another reason.

As previously stated, I am working on a system that loads applications from the server, making leaking the game useless