How could I create CFrame Physics for a Roller Coaster?

Hello :wave:

I am wanting to create a advanced CFrame system for Roller Coaster, dark rides, etc. I am wanting to do this by having a layout of points (parts number 1, 2, 3, etc). I have a general idea that the Coaster Train will have to move to these different parts. I have heard also that to make smooth systems developers simulate the CFrame animation on the Server and the Coaster Vehicle position updates on the Client. This is to make it smooth for players.

I would first want to make a system that will be used in Roblox dark rides. So it will be much more simple than a roller coaster as it would not need to have physics. For Example, it will not be going down hills so will not need to generate speed when going down a drop / hill)

So I am here to ask if people could direct me in the right direction on how I would do this. I always would like to add so if a ride vehicle gets to point 10 for example the ride vehicle spins around, plays a sound etc.

Thanks to anyone that can help :smile: