How could I create one Remote Event that handles all effect replication?

Hello, as the title suggests, I want to create a remote that handles replication, but I am very confused about how I can do this. I’m working on a combat game that would have multiple different characters and move sets, and I am confused about where I locate them and how I can call them without errors. Tips and suggestions will be a massive help, thanks in advance!

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Maybe I can help. But can you go into greater description of what you’re trying to do.

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local remoteEvent = --location
remoteEvent.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(particle, property, value)
    if particle then
       particle[property] = value
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I’m making a combat game that has multiple characters and movesets people can use. Those movesets will have their vfx inside their modules. I don’t know whether I put all the scripts for all the movesets into repStorage and require it with the remote. I’m really confused about this.

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Ik how to use a remote and all that, I am just confused about this sort of replication

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Here is what im thinking of:

local RE: RemoteEvent

    local Data = unpack((...))

   require(Data[3][Data["FunctionName"]())--requires module or something

I’m mainly confused on how I can style the code in a way that only the vfx will play and none of the actual components like effects that should happen to only one client or replicate more hitboxes.